About Me

Hello there! Welcome to my world of positive vibe and continuous growth…

Well hello there!! Welcome to my blog, I’m so excited you’re here! My name is Adeleye, but my friends and family call me Leye or Ade. I am a wife and a mum to the world’s most adorable children.

As a midsized curvy woman, I definitely understand how challenging it can be juggling these important roles while still trying to look put together, and by that I mean looking FABULOUS! I have always had a strong passion for style and beauty, hence my well deserved Diploma in Aesthetics, speaking of which I actually have FOUR different Diplomas, and yup ALL while being a mama!

My desire to be an Inspiration to women struggling with how to style our Beautiful, Unique yet Differently created God-given body types, actually led me to start my blog and with the hope to connect with like-minded women eventually.

Creating this exciting space, and being able to share my styling adventures as I mix high end and budget-friendly pieces seamlessly means the world to me. I hope that it inspires you to embrace your personal style and feel empowered to try new things as well.

On PassionHeavenly.com, you will find a modern approach to my Modest and Feminine style, Faith, Beauty Tips, and eventually, Travel Adventures. I hope you stick around as I will LOVE to get to know you.


Get to know me better!

1. I have an ongoing personal relationship with GOD       2. I love reading inspirational books

3. I have 4 beautiful children   4. My style is far from boring, even though its modest  

 5. I was born in Lagos, Nigeria, I currently live in Toronto Canada  

6. I cannot help myself I need Handbags always lol #Luxury Handbag lover   7. I enjoy having a phone conversation        

8. I love meeting new people   9. I love classic pieces with a touch of trend   

10. I love and enjoy decorating   11.  I love bright and vibrant colours which you will notice  

12. Talking about colours my favourite is metallic royal blue   13. I don’t joke around with my skincare regime 

14. I admire powerful and intelligent women         15.  Oh did I mention my love for online shopping  

16. I love listening and dancing to music (you can catch me while doing chores around the house lol)

17.  I never quit on something I believe strongly in     18.  I appreciate every opportunity that comes my way

19. My belief has been, knowledgeable is adding more knowledge   20. Got my love for style and beauty from my Mum wink


Thank you so much for stopping by!